About Us

Our Mission

"The ESC is a community that supports historically underrepresented ethnic students and allies by providing a social atmosphere and inclusive environment where we engage in identity exploration and strive for cultural awareness and academic excellence."

We are a student-run organization within the Associated Students of WWU. We provide several resources and a safe environment where students can work on event programming, do homework, or just hang out. There are many ethnic clubs that assist students in transitioning to Western, developing cultural identity, providing a sense of community, and being active in social justice. The ESC also offers study space, computer access, and resource information. Open to all students.

What is an ESC club?

An ESC club is a cultural/ethnic organization "recognized" by the Associated Students of WWU, and meets our mission statement. Clubs meet regularly in the ESC and other places throughout campus. These meetings are great opportunities to meet new people, network, make friends, and have fun. Clubs also offer various activities for all students to get involved in, ranging from traditional and modern dance groups to volunteer opportunities within the community. Different events are also hosted by these clubs throughout the year. Anyone may join or be involved with the ESC and its clubs.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways to get involved with the ESC. ESC Clubs offer a wide range of opportunities for involvement from volunteering and social justice, to performing arts and discussion groups. In addition, the ESC itself offers opportunities for students assist the staff as interns and volunteers for different events and activities. For more information on how to connect with clubs or get involved with the ESC in general, please contact Victoria, our Assistant Coordiantor of Club Events, at

Why get involved?

  • To meet new people and have fun.
  • To be part of a respectful, safe, sharing community.
  • To learn and share knowledge.
  • An opportunity for positive social change.
  • To develop personal & career skills



Nick Sanchez // ESC Director
VU420 // 360-650-7410 //  

Moya Lojewski // Interim ESC Program Coordinator 
VU420H // 360-650-6271 // 

Victoria Matey // ESC Summer Program Coordinator
VU420 // 360-650-7271 // 


Student Staff: 

James Pai // ESC Advocacy Director

Daniela Tierra // ESC Cultural Education Coordinator

Soumya Ayelasomayajula // ESC Assistant Director for Club Logistics

Sofian Mahmoud // ESC Marketing and Outreach Coordinator


ESC Office Assistant 

VU420 // 360-650-7271 // 


SOS Advisor: 

Emmanuel Camarillo // Academic Support Coordinator 
VU420G // 360-650-2456 //