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  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1200 AM Variety Music Variety Music Variety Music
1230 AM
0100 AM
0130 AM
0200 AM Undercurrents-American Music with a Passport
0230 AM
0300 AM
0330 AM
0400 AM
0430 AM
0500 AM
0530 AM
0600 AM Baroque and Beyond Variety Blues Etown- mixes live music from a wide variety of styles with conversation about our environment Global Village-Global Sounds Variety Jazz Global Village-Global Sounds Global Village-Global Sounds
0630 AM
0700 AM Democracy Now Art of the Song
0730 AM
0800 AM Jazz Singers-History of Jazz Singing from PRX & The Smithsonian Highway 61 The Cattle Ranch The Global Market Jazz 89.3 The Get Up Get Down Na Mele O Hawaii
0830 AM
0900 AM Sound of 13 conversation of race with classical music & the 13 amendment as the guide
0930 AM
1000 AM Women in Music-eclectic mix of some of the best music of female artists from around the world Music for the Masses-New Music Variety Mix Latin Explosion-70's NYC Salsa, Latin Jazz & "Golden Age of Cuban Music
1030 AM
1100 AM Etown- mixes live music from a wide variety of styles with conversation about our environment
1130 AM
1200 PM Folk Alley-Folk, Bluegrass, Americana Woodsongs-Old Time Radio Hour
1230 PM
0100 PM The International Americana Music Show
0130 PM
0200 PM Afrosonic Taxi-music with African roots worldwide Beale Street Caravan-soulful sounds of Memphis
0230 PM
0300 PM Blue Light Central
0330 PM
0400 PM Indigenous in Music with Larry K new & original music from our Indigenous musicians Down the Road-celebrating the music and musicians of New Orleans and the surrounding area.
0430 PM
0500 PM
0530 PM
0600 PM 4CJ Live Jazz Performances in NW Washington Between the Lines Latino USA This Way Out Civic Cipher-Empowering Black and Brown Voices Alternative Radio Variety Music
0630 PM Counterspin Making Contact
0700 PM Democracy Now
0730 PM
0800 PM Variety Music Blue Monday What the Femme Under the Fridge From Here to Utopia Strange Currency-Favorites from the past, present and future. Nighttime becomes eclectic.
0830 PM
0900 PM
0930 PM
1000 PM Deep Threes: Electronica, Soundtrack,Variety, World, Free Form Radio, Jazz Variety Music BantuNauts-focus on the music and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora
1030 PM
1100 PM
1130 PM