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0200 AM Variety Music Mix Variety Music Mix
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0700 AM Democracy Now
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0800 AM Bet On Highway 61 The Cattle Ranch The Global Market Jazz 89.3 The Get Up Get Down Na Mele O Hawaii
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1000 AM Slacker Music for the Masses-New Music Variety Mix From Here to Utopia
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1200 PM Wild Combination Soul 4 Soul
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0200 PM The Subspace Frequency 808's and Electrobreaks
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0400 PM J Done Coast to Coast The Empty Orchestral Experience
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0600 PM Deep Cuts Between the Lines Latino USA This Way Out Civic Cipher-Empowering Black and Brown Voices Alternative Radio Music for the Masses
0630 PM Counterspin Making Contact
0700 PM Democracy Now
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0800 PM Moody Monk I Love When Femmes Influences DJ Dadrock's Sour Hour Vampire Baseball Poke Show Music for the Masses
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1000 PM Music for the Masses Appointment at the Apple Tree 90's Mixtape Music for the Masses The Crypt Under the Fridge Variety Music Mix
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