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1200 AM Music for the Masses Music for the Masses Music for the Masses Songs from the Heartland Music for the Masses The Electric Company
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0200 AM Off Air Off Air Music for the Masses Off Air Off Air
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0400 AM Off Air Music for the Masses Off Air
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0600 AM Softer Sounds Music for the Masses Off Air
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0700 AM Viking Radio Theater Democracy Now
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0800 AM A la Carte Highway 61 The Cattle Ranch The Global Market Jazz 89.3 The Get Up Get Down Na Mele O Hawaii
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1000 AM Pacific Northwest Tour Music for the Masses Swingin Saturdays
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1200 PM Liminal Lullabies Ride Easy
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0200 PM Melancholy Mixtape Tea Time: World Cafe
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0400 PM The New Kid Revival Burgundy Street
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0600 PM Post Punk Time! Between the Lines Latino USA This Way Out Informativo Pacifica Alternative Radio Synchronicity
0630 PM Counterspin Making Contact Public Affairs-Variety News
0700 PM Democracy Now
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0800 PM Hardcore Argo Prog Rock Out My Mind Nice Train Sounds Coffeehouse The Groove Line w/DJ QJ Stuck in the Garage The Cozy Sessions
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1000 PM El Latido In the Beginning Cold Coffee and Cigarettes Dead Air Crazy Rhythms Culture, Alienation, Boredom & Dispair The Bread and Butter Show
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