The Governor has declared that public spaces be effectively closed until May 4th, with a statewide Stay At Home proclamation.
The Viking Union facility falls under the guidelines of a public space and falls under this policy.
For more details on this temporary closure of the Viking Union, and any other coronavirus related information, please visit WWU’s coronavirus resource site

On-Campus Challenge Programs




Japanese Maple

1-2 Hour Program (between 9am-6pm)


Taking place on Western's campus, the primary focus of this program is having fun while getting to know one another. With use of the activity bag, facilitators engage participants in games and initiatives to meet the group's desired outcomes. This program can be tailored to fit the needs of university organizations and groups while breaking down barriers to trust, communication, and group cohesion. These activities can be facilitated just about anywhere on camus and can accommodate a wide variety of group sizes.




No Time Limit


Rent our bag of portable games and activities to create a unique team building experience wherever you like! No limitation on group size and no facilitator needed. When renting the game bag, pick it up and drop off at the WWU Outdoor Center. Not limited to just on-campus use, you may take use the game bag wherever you like.