The Governor has declared that public spaces be effectively closed until May 4th, with a statewide Stay At Home proclamation.
The Viking Union facility falls under the guidelines of a public space and falls under this policy.
For more details on this temporary closure of the Viking Union, and any other coronavirus related information, please visit WWU’s coronavirus resource site

Program Options

(More information available under Lakewood Location and On Campus Location)


Japanese Maple

1-2 Hours on campus only (between 9am and 6pm)

Primary focus on having fun while getting to know one another



3 hour half day at Lakewood only

9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm


Pacific Madrone:

Generally beginning with icebreakers, the group progresses from initiatives in the game field out to low course as they continue to develop trust and teamwork. This program is ideal for groups looking to create a supportive environment and target specific outcomes during the day.


Douglas Fir:

This program is designed for groups who are already working well together and are looking for more bonding, adventure, and continued group development. Sequencing begins on our low course elements ensuring that  the group can quickly progress to our high elements. 



Western Red Cedar - 7 hour Full-Day at Lakewood only


Good for groups looking for a fully immersive experience whether this is their first time together or a team/group trying to connect on a deeper level. They will begin the morning at the game field working through a series of ice breakers and group initiatives progressively focusing on individual and group development. As they continue to progress, the group will transition to the low course elements where they will develop the trust necessary to move onto the high course elements in the afternoon. 




Rates vary depending on the length of the program and number of participants. We work very hard to make the experience affordable for all who wish to participate. There is a per-person fee for use of the Lakewood Challenge Program which includes individual medical insurance coverage.


Lakewood Packages - Pacific Madrone, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar 

Any program that is hosted at Lakewood's facility or incorporates rope elements must pay a Course Facilitation Fee as well as Course Participant Fee.


Course Facilitation Fee:

One facilitator per 10 participants at $15 per hour.


Course Participation Fee:

University affiated group - $8 per participant

Non-university affiliated group - $13 per participant


Below is an example of a program budget for an off-campus 4-hour program with 15 non-university affiliated participants:

$8 per person x 15 = $120.00

$15/hr x 4 hours x 2 facilitators = $120.00

Total program cost = $240.00


On Campus - Japanese Maple Program

Any program hosted on campus will simply pay a flat rat based on the number of participants. Facilitators and participant fees are included in this price.


Less than 50 participants - $50 flat rate

More than 50 participants - $100 flat rate



Game Bag Rental - $25 per day


Please contact Anselmo Cristobal at for more information or to book a program.