We are excited to announce that the Viking Union is open Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm.
Limited services are available, including Starbucks, the Bookstore, and the Multi-Purpose Room is home to a Student Study Space, students can connect to campus WiFi for streaming classes and ATUS printers are available in the Study Space. There is also comfortable seating throughout the 6th floor. Face Coverings are required, and Physical Distancing will be monitored. We look forward to seeing you!

Fall 2021 Trips

Fall 21 Trips

We will be offering in person trips that are open to all students this Fall! Sign up for trips in person at the OC (VU 150, garden street entrance to the VU)or you can call in for sign ups at 360.650.3112

On our trips we attempt to engage all of our participants in fun and absorbing activities based on their comforts and ability levels. This will mean checking in with everyone to see what they want out of the trip and checking in multiple time during the trip to assess how the trip can best fit the groups needs. We believe that there is a way to balance the excitement level of an activity and the perceived risk/exertion for each of our participants so that everyone can leave our program having learned something and enjoyed themselves.

For disability accommodations, questions or requests please contact at least one week before the trip. We have contacts with Outdoors For All in order to provide adaptive equipment to participants. If you reach out to us with a weeks notice we can rent gear from this catalog to support you on any of our trips. We aim to make this experience as inclusive as possible, all of our trips itineraries can be adapted to promote accessibility, within reason. You may always reserve a spot (student or none student) for assistance on the trip. It may not be possible to bring Service Animals on every trip, email for more information.

Covid Guidelines

Covid guidelines are under review however the Outdoor Center currently operates according to these guidelines.

Allergen and Food Prep

All food will be provided through Brandywine Kitchen. Food will be individually wrapped in bio-degradable materials to comply with the AS Covid Guidelines and all food prep will be through Brandywine kitchen. If you have dietary needs, religious practices and/or restrictions please email so that we can communicate with the restaurant.

Campus Partner Trips

Sept 20th-25th: Bike Fest

This is a week of bike centered activities provided by the Alternative Transportation services and The Outdoor Center. Join us in learning how to bike, as well as figuring out how to safely commute to school and work. Then over the first Saturday of the quarter come over for a biking event and meet and connect with the biking community of Bellingham.

Remember if you require adaptive equipment email one week before the start of the class. No Gear Needed

20th 101 Biking Class

You will learn:

  • Proper helmet fit
  • Making sure your bike is in good working order
  • Pumping your tires
  • Balancing and riding a bike
  • Starting and stopping
  • Turning technique
  • Exercises to practice at home

21st Commuter Class & 23rd Commuter Class

You will learn:

  • Starting and stopping gracefully
  • Pumping your tires
  • How and when to shift gears
  • Best ways to be visible and predictable to drivers
  • Taking your bike on a bus
  • Road placement in different situations
  • Triggering traffic lights

25th Bike Event 1:30-2:30 with a Road Bike 3:00-5:00 or Mountain Bike 3:00-5:00 or Campus Bike 3:00-5:00

Join us as we connect with the biking community here in Bellingham and learn about all of the great programs that are running in our town. Then if you are still up for it join the Outdoor Center in one of three possible group bikes. The road bike will take you up to the Chuckanuts and may cover a larger distance. The City Bike will stay in the city and will include opportunities for adaptive cycles. The Mountain bike will take place on Galbreath, a van will shuttle bikes and people from campus to the trail head.

Sept 29th: Arb hike 4:00pm-6:00pm

Explore the Sehome Arboretum, listen to the abundant bird species, and gaze up in awe of the enveloping tree canopies. The hike will be on a paved inclined road, starting at Buchanan Towers. Here is a Google Earth map of the planned path.

Oct 20th: Penciled in Partnership with Brandon of the Resiliency Program

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Drop-in 6 Week Yin Yoga Series

Mondays 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Location: VU Multipurpose Room

Dates: September 27th, October 4th, October 11th, October 18th, October 25th, November 1st

Join us for a restorative Yin Yoga practice to start out our weeks. Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga where poses are held for longer periods of time. This form of yoga is known to reduce stress and anxiety as well as calm and balance the mind and body. All are enthusiastically welcomed!

Wednesday Wellness trips

All Wellness Wednesday trips are free and supply free food

Oct 6th: Sunset Sea Kayak 4:00pm-7:00pm (30min after sunset)

Paddle and glide through Bellingham Bay and watch a legendary sunset! We will depart from Larrabee Boat Launch. Keep your eyes peeled for porpoises, orcas, and sea otters! Travel will include navigating an intertidal zone around high tide. There is a concrete boat ramp, however the ramp is cracked in some places.

Oct 13th: Womxn (Marginalized Genders) Mountain Bike 4:00pm- 7:00pm

Get ready to kick up some dirt on one of the Northwest’s most legendary mountain biking trail systems! Haven’t mountain biked before? No worries, this trip is perfect for bikers who are just getting into the sport. We are super excited to show you around the trails.

Oct 27th: Bow Drill 101 4:00pm-6:00pm

Have you ever wondered how fire was made before the lighter? (Fun Fact: the lighter was invented before the match). You're in luck, because Ben is here to teach you the fire making technology of Alaskan Natives and the Indus Valley Civilization. Come prepared to work up a sweat. Once a fire is started on our LNT fire pit we will gather around for a meal and enjoy the beauties of the outback. We will be traveling on some loose packed dirt, woodchips, and gravel.

Nov 10th: Kayak to an Island 3:00pm-5:30pm

Starting at Westerns beautiful Lakewood Facility we will get on the water heading for the nearby Reveille Island. Come for the relaxing atmosphere beautiful shoreline and the chance to tag Reveille. The Lakewood facilities are reachable via bus and consist mostly of paved steep roads. Kayaks can be accessed either on shore (no wheelchair access some big steps) or on the low profile dock.

Nov 17th: Challenge Facilitation 3:30pm-5:30pm

This trip will begin with icebreakers and progresses to group initiative activities in our game field. We then moves to the low course elements as we are challenged to develop communication and teamwork, creating a trusting and supportive environment. This will include travel over some gravel. The lowropes element can be adapted based on individual needs. Some games can be engaged in with out sight or in a wheel chair. Please contact us if you need accommodations or have other concerns

Dec 1st: Indoor Yoga!! 4:00pm-5:30pm

Take a deep breath before finals week by taking some time for mindfulness. Join us as we destress away dead week and finals. You need a break this week. Why not choose one that will also feed you.

Weekend Adventure Trips

$10 to sign up for the trip. Sign up in person at the Outdoor Center. Our Adventure trips do not have set paths and/or knowable obstacles. These trips are also centered around activities and may for safety reasons include long continuous movements with no or little break (i.e. paddling and hiking).

Oct 9th-10th ViQueen Kayak

Did you know that Western owns a rustic cabin in the San Juan Islands called Viqueen Lodge? This introductory sea kayaking course will take you there! A classroom day will dive into the basics of kayaking, then we’ll drive out to Guemes Island Saturday Morning. From there we will paddle to the Viqueen Lodge on Sinclair Island for a weekend of paddling, exploration, hiking and other shenanigans. Dinners will be provided for the weekend trip. No experience required!

Oct 29th-31st Halloween Climbing Trip

Come soak up the sun with us as we explore the beauties of this dessert landscape. Whether you are just learning to climb, feel comfortable belaying, or are wanting to get some new crag experience this trip is for you. We will leave Friday after classes for vantage, getting there in the dark. Then spend two days experiencing Frenchmen Coulee returning late Sunday night.

Nov 20th White Water Rafting (on the Sauk or the Skagit)

Join us for a day of exhilarating fun on the powerful rivers that define our environment. Learn to paddle in a team and feel the rush as you navigate rapids with our trained staff leading the way. Don't worry about the temps we will outfit you in wetsuits and splash tops to keep you safe and ready for the next set of rapids.