What does a typical day look like?



As a WOOTer, you can expect to rise early and have a nice cup of tea while listening to the woods coming alive around you. Your morning generally starts with a group game that gets your blood flowing and everyone laughing. Next, duties are split up to prepare for the day ahead. Some take down camp while others prepare a hearty breakfast.

As you hit the trail your group will spend the day hiking and exploring to your next destination. During this time you will get to know your group while taking in the beautiful surroundings including mountain streams, views of the San Juan Islands, towering firs, granite peaks, and magnificent glaciers looming in the distance. While on the trail there will be times to take breaks and soak it all in while also learning how to read maps, identify native plants, and connect with your fellow WOOTers through a variety of activities and reflections.

Rolling into camp brings a sense of familiarity as everyone begins to prepare for nightly activities. Once camp is set, everyone settles in for the night as the fire grows listening to stories from each other as well as your trip leaders about what has made their Western Experience so memorable.


Sea kayaking

Our sea kayaking program shares similar features as our backpacking trips. The main differences are the mode of transportation and overnight accommodations. Starting off the first day is spent on campus ensuring that everyone is equipped with all the necessary kayaking equipment for a safe and fun adventure. From there, students will take a boat charter to Sinclair Island spending the first day developing paddling skills prior to embarking on a variety of day trips to surrounding islands.

Over the course of the week students will use Viqueen Lodge as their headquarters completing day trips to surrounding islands by kayak. Opportunities to see a wide array of marine life will exist throughout every day! Anything from sea anemones to Orcas is a daily possibility! With daily paddles students can also expect to explore the surrounding islands by foot. These islands include Cypress Island, Vendovi Island and Orcas Island.