Safe Space

Our office, located in VU 515, provides a safe space for everyone to find support and be themselves. We operate on a STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL basis so everyone is guaranteed safe support. We are an office run by dedicated students, and we do our best to provide you the space and support you need. If we are unable to provide that for you, we will work with you to find the best resources on campus or in Bellingham.

Resource Library

Our office contains an extensive collection of resources such as memoirs, fiction, nonfiction, periodicals, pamphlets, DVDs, and information files on LGBTQ related issues. Check out our collection


We can connect you with campus and community services, and we always keep referrals anonymous.

Speakers Bureau

We hold speaker events, panels, seminars, discussions and more to engage and educate the student body about issues that the LGBT community face. Speakers bring their unique perspective and expertise to shed light on the nuances and struggles of intersectional identities. We also provide educational programs, available to Resident Advisers and professors, which serve to address issues regarding bias, stereotypes, pronouns, and more. For questions or if you want to suggest a speaker, please email the Educational Programming Coordinator at

Social Opportunities and Special Events

Our office plans events and programs throughout the year to provide a social and educational space for queer students and allies. These activities usually include, but are not limited to, dances, speakers, workshops, and the QRC's annual drag show. To be in the loop about our upcoming events Like our Facebook page


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