Crow Chloupek

Advocacy Coordinator


Crow's Face

Pronouns: They/them


Major/Year: Music Performance/Sophomore


Why did you seek to be in this position?

I wanted to be in this position because I lived in Texas for 16 years, and I've experienced homophobia and transphobia as a result of my sexual orientation and gender identity. Knowing what too many people have to go through in order to live, I couldn't justify doing nothing about it, so I decided to take up a job bringing the issues and problems of the queer community and find creative ways to not only solve them, but also to keep them solved.


What are you excited about for this year?

I'm excited to start sitting on committees and start keeping higher management and professors accountable to keeping more than the minimum amount that they're required by university policy. I want to actually start change to make campus more equitable for not only just the queer community, but also for the disability community, people of color, women, and all other marginalized groups here at Western.


What are your special interests for the office?

My special interests for the center is to make sure the physical space is open and welcoming to all students if/when they need it. I want our office to be a safe space for people to come when they are problems with staff, to recuperate after experiencing harassment of some sort, if they're having a bad days, or even if they just want to hang out with us!


What can students come to you for?

Students can come to me if they're having a problem with accessibility on campus or having problems with professors or other campus faculty not being open to their needs. I can serve as a third party, a mediator, or whatever the person needs as according to the situation.


What's a favorite activity of yours?

A favorite activity of mine is to play the oboe and English horn! I'm a music major, and I love ton play my instruments. They've been my passions ever since I first picked up an oboe in my 5th grade music class. Some of my favorite pieces are anything by Grainger, Holst's "The Planets Suite," and Dvorak's "New World Symphony."


Valeria Pedraza

Educational Programming Coordinator

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Pronouns: She/her




Why did you seek to be in this position?: 


What are you excited about for this year?:


What are your special interest for the office?: 


What can students come to you for?:


What’s a favorite activity of yours?:



Nichole Vargas

Community Engagement Coordinator

Nichole Face


Pronouns: She/her


Major/Year: Environemntal Policy/Sophomore


Why did you seek to be in this position?: 

I LOVED being an intern here last year. I met so many amazing and loving people, I had to come back for another year! Being a part of the QRC has really made me feel a part of the queer community here, which was a feeling of connectivity that I didn’t get back in my hometown. The QRC has helped me a ton, and now I wanna help others!


What are you excited about for this year?:

I have the wonderful opportunity of putting on a bunch of sweet events, meeting and connecting with people, and working with two fantastic peeps!


What are your special interest for the office?:

Definitely building and strengthening community (as my job title suggests..) Especially amongst queer people of color. As a QTPOC, it can be really lonely and emotionally distressing to constantly be around heterocentric and white centric spaces. I know more of us are out there, we just gotta find each other and unite! Beautiful things will happen.


What can students come to you for?:

Absolutely anything! I love helping out and being of service to people, however much I can! So much that I need to be reminded that I need to take of myself too… I love solving problems and discussing issues that someone may have, I’m also really willing to just talk about your day!


What’s a favorite activity of yours?:

I’m a fan of reading, being in the outdoors, running and hiking, watching movies, etc. I love talking and connecting with people, and I also LOVE dogs.