Recycle Center



The A.S. Recycle Center is an on-campus recycling service with an almost all-student staff. We gather recyclables from approximately 650 barrels in the academic buildings, the residence halls, and the dining areas on campus, and then sort their contents by hand. We operate mainly as a collection and redistribution entity with the goal of elimnating contaminant sources in the university's recycle stream before the materials go to Northwest Recycling, Whatcom County's recycling business. Because Western's students and staff come here with different levels of recycling knowledge, our Education Coordinator works to bring a basic knowledge of recycling practices to all members of WWU's community, and further reduce the amount of waste contamination in the recycling, as well as the amount of recyclables that go into landfills.



The mission of the A.S. Recycle Center is to provide the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to recycle on campus, to educate the University community on the recycling process at Western, and to continually increase our collection efforts in order to reduce Western's waste stream. In addition to this, we provide student employment opportunities and work experience, specifically in recycling and waste management.

"Why is working at the recycling center important to you?"


        "Working at the Recycle Center has been my favorite part about Western and the time I have spent here. I have made lifelong friends over our common interest in keeping campus recycling functioning and learning a really wide range of labor and teamwork skills in the process. I could have never gotten to know this campus as intimately if I had not gotten to work as a student manager here. I love it here." -Rilke, current employee

 "Working at the AS Recycle Center has allowed me to be apart of a community that works together to serve our fellow students, our campus, and our campus' mission for sustainability. The AS Recycle Center was built from the ground up by students who wanted to make a difference on their campus and this effort is still being carried on today" -Megan, current employee

  "Working at the Recycle Center has been one of the most valuable experiences of my academic career. I started this job eager to learn more about the recycling process and environmental sustainability but ended up learning so much more. I feel that I have developed my communication, leadership, and presentation skills. My  favorite part of being a Recycle Center employee is getting to work alongside a great group of people who are easy going, aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and share the same passion for sustainability." -Former employee       

   "Working at the recycling center makes me more conscious of my actions on campus in relation to other people’s jobs and in relation to the environment” -Kelsey, current employee

 "The intricacies of what goes into the recycling process, as well as new skills such as operating vehicles like forklifts, using hand tools, power tools, and overall becoming more manually competent" -Former employee