Join us on Election Day, November 8th!

The OCE will be in the VU Multipurpose Room from 8am-8pm hosting a one stop shop for registering to vote, printing your ballot and casting it. Members of the public are welcome!

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Photo Album

Recycling truck dumping out plastics for sorting

Two students in cardboard cutouts posing as a Viking and graduate

Group picture on the back of a flatbed truck

Students posing around large cardboard boxes of clothes, mirrors and assorted household items.

Group photo inside the building next to a forklift.

Two students stand outside the compound in the snow

Loose cardboard next to crushed blocks of aluminum cans

Students sit among large bins of assorted paper

Student pretends to drink from a paper coffee cup. Many stacks of similar cups are in front of them

Student is laying out on a pile of cardboard in the sun

Students with A S Recycle Center shirts hold a recycle sticker and stand in a large blue recycle bin

Two boots next to a handmade recycle sign in the grass