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Who are we?


The Representation & Engagement Programs (REP) exist to provide the resources, services, and support necessary to ensure student representation in decisions that impact students at the university, local, state, and federal levels; to promote effective citizenship and civic engagement through services, programs, and collaboration.


The REP is located in Viking Union 435 near the Wellness Outreach Center.


Click here to register to vote! 


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The components of the REP are:


  • Western Votes
    A student run organization that seeks to advocate for student interests in politics. They register students to vote, educate students about elections, make voting easier, hold rallies and protests, help students contact elected officials, and organize trips to Olympia.


  • Committees
     The AS and University appoint over 200 students a year to committees that make a variety of decisions across campus. Become a student committee member today! Email AS.committees for more information! 


  • AS Elections
    Each Spring the Associated Students holds an election for the AS Board of Directors, seeks student input through referenda, and student-led initiatives. 


  • AS Legislative Liaison
    A student employee that works to represent the student body to the State Legislature in Olympia. This position works with the Washington Student Association to lobby legislators, testify to state committees, and then report back to students about higher education issues.


  • AS Local Coordinator
    A student employee that works to represent the student body to city and county governments on issues that affects students locally. 


2017 Legislative Agenda