Mission: The Community Ambassador Network (CAN) is a student-collective of community-builders; amplifying student voice in Bellingham's Neighborhood Associations, engaging students in local issues , and promoting health and well-being in our communities. 


Civically Engage: Learn the Local Issues where you live. Increase livavbility by supporting inclusive, vibrant neighbiorhoods. Advocate for students by building a broad coaltiiton of sustainable partners who will unite Bellingham's intersectional needs.

Boost Your Resume: Collaborate with diverse partners among the student body and throughout Bellingham. Exercise critical-thinking, community development and professionalism in an ever-changing, yet familiar environement. Gain experience in meeting rules and facilitation skills. Refine your ability to succesfully plan and advertise events.

Low Commitment: About 8 hours/month, sitting on your Neighbiorhood Association Board, connecting WWU, Bellingham Technical College (BTC), Whatcom Community College (WCC) and Northwest Indian College students to Bellingham Neighbors. Plan one event per quarter and receive supportive peer assistance from your (CAN) cohort. 

Find Your Neighborhood: here.



"A Renaissance of Localism", Resilience.Org

"When Washington can't get things done, go local", Detriot Free Press                                                          

Opinon: "The Localist Revolution" 

"Make Way For the Localist Revolution", The Seattle Times

"Can 'Localism' Restore Sanity to U.S. Politics?", The New York Times

Attend City Council: Mondays beginning at 7 p.m., Council Chambers, City Hall (In the front door, up the stairs)

The schedule for the year/Agendas can be found on the Council Meetings Schedule page.

Attend County Council: Tuesdays beginning at 7 p.m., Council Chambers, County Courthouse.

(In the front door, upstairs to the Left, Do not go through security).

A calendar of upcomng meetings can be found, here.

Upcoming and Previous Agendas/Minutes may be found, here.


Contact Your Represemtatives: City Council Map, City Council Members// County Council Map, County Council Members.


 Click Here To: Join Our Local Issues Team, Get Updates and seek Local change Today!


Where Do YOU Get Local News?                                                                              

Click For These Juicy Sources, And Support Local Journalists!!!!!!!!!!!!:

The AS Review   The Western Front   The Bellingham Herald   Northwest Citizen   KGMI   

Common Threads NW       Noisy Waters Northwest      The Searchlight Review   Cascadia Weekly  Bellingham Business Journal

The Northern Light (Blaine/Birch Bay)   Ferndale Record   Lynden Tribune   COB Press Release


Any Questions? Ideas?

Want to change Bellingham? Whatcom County?

Contact Patrick Kissinger, AS Local Issues Coordinator

Patrick Kissinger, Local Issues Coordinator

Office Hours in Viking Union 435: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-12pm


Phone: 206-605-7107