Politics is what happens when people stay up past their bedtimes. Introducing the AS Local Issues Team (LIT).


LIT does full spectrum, hands-on democracy. We're building a movement in Bellingham for student issues, including safe & affordable housing, tenant protections, supporting the Blue Group's Sanctuary City policy, banning LGBTQ conversion therapy, and voting accessibility.


Our national politics have become extremely polarized and vitriolic. LIT rejects greed and bigotry. We can do better. We envision our city and world based in economic, social, and environmental justice.


At the local level, we have some the greatest possibilities for transformative social change. It's easy to get involved - you can do whatever your schedule allows for. You have a voice in Bellingham, LIT amplifies it.


Act on what you believe in. Join LIT today and start organizing for change.

 Anna Kemper: Local Liaison

Any Questions? Ideas?

Want to change Bellingham? 

Contact Anna Kemper, AS Local Issues Coordinator

Office Hours in Viking Union 435: Monday 2-5 PM

Email: AS.Local@wwu.edu

Phone: 503-830-1048