Sustainability Equility and Justice Fund


Want to convert Old Main’s roof to a green roof? Want to establish a bike share program on campus? What about a sustainable film festival? Or hybrid maintanance vehicles? 


Any idea, big or small, is welcome! 

The Sustainability, Equity and Justice Fund (SEJF) is a student-initiated, quarterly fee paid by all Western Washington University students to reduce the campus' environmental impact and engage the campus community in environmental awareness. This fee is up for renewal in the upcoming 2018 AS elections season.


The SEJF Grant Program provides funding to innovative, student-driven projects focused on promoting experiential learning opportunities and sustainable practices at Western Washington University. Students, staff and faculty are all eligible to apply for grant funding. Projects funded through the SEJF Grant Program aim to:


  • Increase Student Involvement and Education
  • Reduce Western Washington University's Environmental Impact
  • Create an Aware & Engaged Campus Community 


Looking for information about the Sustainability, Equity, & Justice Fund grant program? Go to: