Social Issues Resource Center


The Social Issues Resource Center (SIRC) is responsible for raising awareness about social issues, including those not commonly represented in the mainstream media, and inspiring students to be more active and engaged citizens.  The SIRC facilitates the sharing of diverse perspectives by providing resources, information, and the coordination of events.  It also serves as a networking center for related AS clubs and community organization.


News & Upcoming Events: 

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The Social Issues Resource Center strives to incorporate praxis, action informed by theory or knowledge, into all of our activities. We are a networking hub for all members of WWU and Bellingham communities, a meeting space for any individual engaged or concerned about today's world.

We program events on a range of issues; from popular education on anti-oppression issues to workshops on organizing and media literacy. We welcome any individuals interested in planning events to work with us and use our resources. We are happy to provide an introduction to do-it-yourself programming.

Our library of resources is available to all and emphasizes self-education as a tool for social justice. See our Resources page for links and a catalogue of our library.

The Social Issues Resource Center is a space in which students and other members of WWU and Bellingham communities can self educate, discuss, and organize around important social justice issues.


Yaritza Esqueda



Daniella Navarro

Outreach Coordinator


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Major/Year: Biocultural Anthropology, 4th year


Why did you seek to be in this position?: To contribute to support student from all identities find resources on campus and help them further their understanding of the wide variety of social justice issues on campus and in our communities.


What are you excited about for this year?: Establishing new relationships and putting on events that I hope everyone will enjoy!


What are your special interest for the office?: Supporting clubs and other organizations as a reliable resource and putting on memorable events for our students.


What can students come to you for?: Students are always welcomed to come visit, grab some snacks, use our books, or enjoy some company from the SIRC.


What’s a favorite activity of yours?: Eating food and petting dogs. 


Mackenzi Chapman

Assistant Coordinator

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


Major/Year: Biology--Molecular and Cell Emphasis/Junior


Why did you seek to be in this position?: I wanted to become the SIRC Assistant Coordinator due to my passion for social justice and a drive to create diverse and inclusive programming on campus focusing on a wide variety of issues relevant to the student body. 


What are you excited about for this year?: I am excited to learn more about Western as a whole (I am a transfer student) along with being able to reach out to students on various topics that may be of interest to them.


What are your special interest for the office?: My special interests for the office would be anything regarding social issues and social justice. Specifically, I have past experience in programming events on topics related to health and wellness, which includes things such as sexual health, mental health, disease prevention, and more.


What can students come to you for?: Students can come to me to talk to me about various social issues, to find out about upcoming events, for information about the various resources available on campus, or to simply come in and say hi! 


What’s a favorite activity of yours?: I enjoy hiking, listening to music, and visiting my lovely dog who lives back in my hometown.