Veteran's Outreach Center


The AS Veteran Community Coordinator is responsible for coordinating events and fostering community among student Veterans while working closely with both the Veteran Services Office and the Associated Students.


This is an Associated Students (AS) position that is funded by the AS and oversees a programming budget allocated by the AS. The Veteran Community Coordinator will stay closely connected to two departments: the Veteran Services Office (VSO) in Wilson Library and the Viking Union/Associated Students, and the position is supervised by these two areas as well. The large majority of the work hours will be spent working in the VSO planning events and connecting with the community of student veterans who visit that office. Other hours will be spent in meetings in the Viking Union and utilizing the services in the VU, such as the Publicity Center, Events Services, Reservations, etc.


Valuable, up-to-date, Veteran Benefits information

Veteran advocacy at WWU

Resource referrals

Employment and Work Study opportunities on and off-campus

Peer Advising

Volunteer Opportunities

Annual Veterans Day Ceremonies

Information fairs and workshops

Social events for Veterans, military personnel, and supporters

Answers to your questions