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Center Info

The program is made up of teachers, students and parents working together to provide high-quality, affordable childcare to the student-parents and working professionals of Western Washington University. The program manager and early childhood specialists who administer this program have many years of education and experience in the field.

The CDC offers 59 spaces for children ages 2-5.  Based on their ability and interest, children participate in activities designed to stimulate their development at their level of readiness and interest. Each group has its own classroom and staff experienced in early childhood education and development. The staff plans a variety of classroom activities including small group projects, art projects, field trips, story time, cooking experiences and more.

Breakfast is provided as is a full lunch and mid-afternoon snack. The food program meets U.S.D.A. Child and Adult Care Food Program standards and is based on a menu using whole grain and natural whole food products.

Who does the Center serve?

The Child Development Center admits children with the following priority:

  • Children of A.S. fee-paying students by date of application. (6 credits or more)
  • Children of employees by date of application regardless of student status.
  • Children of alumni by date of application, provided space availability.

Where is the Center located?

Fairhaven College on East College Way, bottom of building 11 and 12 on Western's South campus. Give us a call 360-650-3021.

When does the Center operate?

7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, during scheduled sessions of Western Washington University and some inter-sessions.

What are the roles of parents in the program?

Under the guidance of staff, parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom. We maintain NAEYC ratios within each classroom, having one lead teacher, one assistant teacher and qualified student assistants or volunteers. Qualified students have received 12 or more credits in ECE or Elementary Education or taken a 30 hours class in ECE. All student employees have also had a background check and fingerprints through the Department of Early Learning as well as an orientation to our program. These ratios, along with parent support, contribute greatly to the quality of care provided at the CDC.

Group Teacher:Child Class Size

Age 2 1:6 12

Age 3 1:7 14

Ages 4-5 1:8 16

*ratios do not include parents or non-qualified students

Our Values, Mission, Mission Statement & Goals:


Child and family centered, inclusive, compassionate, respectful, and optimistic.

Our Mission:

Every child enrolled in the AS CDC is treated with respect and compassion in an inclusive environment

AS CDC Mission Statement:

We engage children while fostering family partnerships that promote the optimal development of the whole child within the community.

Our Goals:

Deliver curriculum and services that engage all children and promote resiliency.  Actively pursue justice and equity in our policies, practices, and impacts.  In partnerships with the university, cultivate a community of educators.  Support the diverse needs of individual children and their families.

Student-parents and professionals of the WWU campus community face multiple challenges in meeting the needs of both work and family. The Associated Students Child Development Center seeks to support the campus community in providing for the social, intellectual and physical needs of their children, enabling students and staff to achieve academic and professional success.

  • Provide quality childcare available on a sliding fee scale in a safe, high-quality and healthy environment.
  • Support the total growth of children: intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.
  • Build a sense of community among all participants in the program, provide family support and inclusion.
  • Offer opportunities for students in Woodring's Early Childhood program and a variety of academic disciplines to gain an understanding of ECE principles.

Special Extra Activities

  • Field trips into the community
  • Guests from the community
  • Swimming at Western's pool
  • Use of Western's Gym
  • Access to Western's Science Labs
  • Access to Sehome Arboretum
  • Access to the Outback Gardens


The center meets all State Minimum Day Care Licensing Requirements and participates in the States Early Achievers Quality Rating and Improvement program.