ASVP for Diversity

Erick Yanzon

VU 504B // 360-650-3463 //


Fall Quarter Office Hours: Monday - 12-1PM Tuesday - 12-1PM Wednesday - 12-1PM Thursday - 12-1PM Friday 12-1PM Email:


I am Erick Yanzon, I use he/him/his pronouns and I am the AS Vice President for Academic Affairs. I am a junior double majoring in Sociology and American Cultural Studies with a minor in Education and Social Justice. I was born and raised in the Philippines, and a first generation student. My main role is to represent student voices in the academic divisions of the university.  As a student who spends thousands of dollars at Western, YOU have a voice that needs to be heard and demanded. If you have any concerns with faculty, curriculum, registration, advising, classroom climate, or anything that has to do with your academics here at Western Washington University, feel free to email me at or stop by my office in Viking Union 504E.