Work party
Baby Chicks
Chicken Coop Crew
Music with Nick
Thanksgiving 2010
Main Sign
Educational Garden in winter
Amphitheater Construction
Summer concert
Matia's Cabbage
Threshing triticale
Honey Bees
Arntzen gardens
Honey bees 2
Lily and Triticale
Sunflower opening

Welcome to the Outback!

The Outback, a joint program of the Associated Students and Fairhaven College, is a 5 acre farm and wetland restoration site. The purpose of the Outback OELP is to coordinate a wide range of opportunities for students to learn about, develop and implement sustainable land use practices. These opportunities include personal and collaborative events and projects involving habitat restoration, organic gardening, green building, academic partnerships, independent study projects (ISPs), workshops, lectures and classes. The OELP also provides job-related skill building and community networking opportunities for students. These include serving on the Outback Governing Council, volunteering, and participating in work-study and salaried employment.

The Outback Farm loves volunteers and visitors!  

Fall work parties schedule:

Mondays: 3-6 pm

Thursdays: 12-3 pm

Every Sunday: 10 am - 1 pm


The Outback Farm is located just south of the Fairhaven Residences between 25th St. and South College Way.