Excursions trips are the best way to get outside connect with the local northwest lifestyle, while learning valuable leadership skills and outdoor knowledge. Are trips are designed by students, led by students, and for students. 


Excursions are filling up pretty fast, make sure to stop by Viking Union 150 to sign up for an excursion today! 


For more information email as.oc.excursions.coord@wwu.edu or call 360-650-7677


Refunds for an Excursion must be completed before the Pre-trip meeting, and have the original receipt. Any cancellation after the pre-trip meeting may not see a refund in payment. 


This could be you, check out our video from our White Water Kayak Course:


Plan Your Own Excursion (difficulty 0)

Cost: TBD (Guest: TBD)

Time: TBD

Dates: September 24, 2015 through June 17, 2016

Spots Taken: 2 / 12

Have a group of 6 people or more, and want to plan your own private excursion? You name the adventure, and we'll help it happen at a price that includes trip leaders and transportation. Talk to the Excursions Coordinators and plan out details - we're all about getting you outside, whether it's one of our planned excursions or not! Learn more by emailing or calling us at the above information.

Sunset Kayaking on the Bay (difficulty 1)

Cost: $35.00 (Guest: $35.00)

Time: September 30 (5:15 PM); October 14 (5:00 PM); October 28 (4:45 PM); November 18 (3:15 PM)

Dates: September 30, 2015 through November 18, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 6

Fully immerse yourself in the wonderful experience that is a Bellingham sunset! Kayaking on the bay will provide participants with an opportunity to be in the middle of the pallet of colors that is constantly put on display on a near nightly basis. Not only do you have a wonderful spot to watch the sunset from in the middle of the bay, but you will be able to learn basic sea kayaking skills as well. Dates & Times: -September 30 (5:15 PM) -October 14 (5:00 PM) -October 28 (4:45 PM) -November 18 (3:15 PM)

Welcome Back Bike & Paddle (difficulty 2)

Cost: $35.00 (Guest: $35.00)

Time: 10:00 AM

Dates: October 03, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 6

New to town? Get to know Bellingham better by cruising around on bikes for the morning before making your way to Marine Park where a fleet of sea kayaks will be waiting for you to get out and explore the bay as well! This is a great opportunity for new students to get to know their way around as well as make friends that can last a lifetime!

Sea Kayak to Viqueen Lodge (difficulty 2)

Cost: $105.00 (Guest: $105.00)

Time: 8:00 AM

Dates: October 17, 2015 through October 18, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 6

Never heard of the Viqueen Lodge? Paddle with trip leaders out to 15 acres of WWU property on Sinclair Island out in the San Juans. Not only will you become better acquainted with the islands, but you will learn how to handle yourself in a sea kayak while having a blast with new friends!

Full Moon Hikes (difficulty 1)

Cost: $25.00 (Guest: $25.00)

Time: September 28 - 8:00 PM; October 27 - 7:00 PM; November 26 - 6:00 PM

Dates: September 28, 2015 through November 25, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Don’t have a headlamp? No need to fear! Join us as we explore Bellingham’s backyard while meeting new folks and enjoying the beauty of a Full Moon. Three full moon hikes offered on September 28, October 27, & November 25

Alpine Hike (difficulty 2)

Cost: $50.00 (Guest: $50.00)

Time: 8:00 AM

Dates: October 10, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Drive up to the Artist Point parking lot up by the Mt. Baker Ski Area with the Outdoor Center and go for a stroll in the alpine on one of the many trails up there such as the chain lakes loop. Views of Mt. Baker will come in abundance and the beautiful colors of fall will be out in full force. This is a great chance for students to get a glimpse of the amazing local resource that is the North Cascades!

Intro to Backpacking (difficulty 1)

Cost: $45.00 (Guest: $45.00)

Time: 8:00 AM

Dates: October 24, 2015 through October 25, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Want to learn how to use a backpacking stove? Or how to efficiently pack your backpack for overnight trips? Or how to set up a prime campsite? This adventure includes discussions on wilderness ethics and Leave No Trace travel, and then a simple trek into the Chuckanuts for some overnight camping!

Survival Skills Weekend (difficulty 1)

Cost: $85.00 (Guest: $85.00)

Time: 8:00 AM

Dates: November 21, 2015 through November 22, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Have you ever watched Bear Grylls or Survivor Man on TV and wanted to be more like them? Venture out into the woods near Bellingham for a weekend of minimalist camping where you will have an opportunity to learn a variety of skills that will come in handy in situations where you have to survive off of what is around you.

Skagit Rafting Day (difficulty 1)

Cost: $45.00 (Guest: $45.00)

Time: 7:00 AM

Dates: November 14, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

There’s nothing better than a raft trip to kick off winter! Come float down the Skagit River with us and enjoy the scenic beauty and cruising current.

White Water Kayaking Course (difficulty 2)

Cost: $180.00 (Guest: $180.00)

Time: 8:00 AM

Dates: October 29, 2015 through November 08, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Want to learn how to kayak, or looking for a chance to get back in the boat? This week long course includes two roll sessions and then a weekend camping out and kayaking the prime white water around the Skagit River. All levels welcome! Dates: -October 29: Roll Session -November 3: Classroom Session -November 4: Roll Session -November 7-8: Kayaking days on the Skagit River

Evening Galbraith Rides (difficulty 2)

Cost: $25.00 (Guest: $25.00)

Time: October 8 (4:00 PM); November 5 (4:00 PM); December 3 (3:00 PM)

Dates: October 08, 2015 through December 03, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Join us for a guided experience on Bellingham’s local trails. If you’re new to the sport, you can rent a bike from the O.C. and learn the basics. If you’re looking to get out with a crew and point it, we can get you out there. All abilities invited! Dates & Times: -October 8 (4:00 PM) -November 5 (4:00 PM) -December 3 (3:00 PM)

Roll Sessions (difficulty 1)

Cost: $15.00 (Guest: $15.00)

Time: 8:00 PM

Dates: October 07, 2015 through November 04, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Whether you are learning for the first time or fine tuning your roll, we’re here to help. Meet at the Outdoor Center in the evening and travel to the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center along with the Outdoor Center’s fleet of white water kayaks. This is an excellent chance to perfect your roll before you get out on the river. Dates & Times: -October 7 (8:00 PM) -October 21 (8:00 PM) -November 4 (8:00 PM)

Backcountry Ski Day (difficulty 2)

Cost: $55.00 (Guest: $55.00)

Time: 6:00 AM

Dates: December 05, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Wanting to kill some pre-finals blues? Ski season is finally here! Join us for a day of backcountry skiing as our guides show you the best spots for that early season snow, teach safe backcountry travel practices, and link some beautiful turns.

Halloween Rock Climbing in Vantage (difficulty 2)

Cost: $125.00 (Guest: $125.00)

Time: 7:00 AM

Dates: October 31, 2015 through November 01, 2015

Spots Taken: 0 / 12

Do you want to: A) Have fun climbing outside on real rocks? B) Dress up and be really goofy? C) Learn technical rock climbing skills? D) Make new friends? Or E) All of the above. If you answer yes to one or more of these questions then this is the trip to you! Travel to the desert of Eastern Washington and go rock climbing on some of the best columnar basalt the state has to offer!