Counseling, Health and Wellness Services Committee

Campus Regulation


Student Membership:

1 Student that lives off-campus

1 Student that lives on-campus



The charge to the Counseling, Health and Wellness Services Committee shall include but not be strictly limited to:

  • Review policy and recommend changes as needed.
  • Review the budgetary allocations and the funding mechanisms for the services and programs and recommend changes in revenues and expenditures.
  • Ensure that the established procedures for determination of the mandatory Health and Wellness Services Fee have been followed.
  • Review student evaluation and peer reviews of the services.
  • Review the student health insurance program for the previous year and to recommend continuation with current provider or to develop a request for proposals for a competitive selection process to be undertaken and to serve as the review panel for proposals received and forward recommendations to the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • To review the programs and services included in the areas on a periodic basis by analyzing quarterly and annual reports and statistics and other documents deemed relevant for this purpose.