Student Academic Grievance Board

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Campus Regulation


Student Membership:

6 Undergraduate Students At-Large

6 Graduate Students At-Large



  1. Lodging appealThe party appealing to the board shall present the appeal to the executive secretary of the board within five (5) days after issuance of the dean’s written decision. The letter of appeal shall state the basis of the appeal. The secretary will send a copy of the appeal to the second party to the grievance, who may respond in writing. All materials used at any stage of the grievance shall be made available to both parties, the unit head, and to the dean. 
  2. MediationIf both parties agree to mediation, a mediator will be appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee from a list of four persons previously appointed by the Faculty Senate. Each party to the grievance shall have the right to reject one mediator from the list of four. The mediator has five (5) days from the time of appointment to attempt to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both parties.  If the issue is resolved, the mediator shall prepare an informal agreement, in writing, for both sides to sign. No reasons need be given. Such an agreement, once signed by both parties, may not be appealed. If the issue is not resolved the appeal proceeds to a hearing.
  3. Hearing. A hearing shall be called within fifteen (15) days of the filing of the appeal unless both parties agree to a delay, or unless the grievance is resolved through mediation.