Join us on Election Day, November 8th!

The OCE will be in the VU Multipurpose Room from 8am-8pm hosting a one stop shop for registering to vote, printing your ballot and casting it. Members of the public are welcome!

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AS Student Opportunity Council

Currently Vacant Seats


Student Membership:

AS Business Director (Vice Chair)

1 Student At-Large

1 Student Senator

1 ESC Representative (approved by ESC Leadership and Advocacy force)

1 AS Club Representative

Secretary (non-voting)



To oversee the operations of the Student Enhancement Fund program by:

  • Reviewing student applications.
  • Making recommendations concerning the allocation of the Student Enhancement Fund funds.
  • Evaluating the Student Enhancement Fund program, identifying issues, and recommending changes to the program as a whole.
  • Upholding the mission of student funds/fees.
  • Maintaining and upholding values and stewardship of student fee dollars.