Office of Civic Engagement

Who are we?

The Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) exists to provide the resources, services, and support necessary to ensure student representation in decisions that impact students at the university, local, state, and federal levels; to promote effective citizenship and civic engagement through services, programs, and collaboration.

The OCE is located in Viking Union 519 near the Student Government offices. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for information about FREE events, jobs, elections, and more! Fill out this quick Google Form to get involved.


Contact OCE Director Mallory Schaefbauer (She/They)

Office Hours: M: 2pm-5pm, W:10:30am-11:30am & 2pm-4pm, F 10am-2pm

Legislative Education Assistant Neal Selu (he/him)

Office Hours: T 3pm-5pm, W 2pm-5pm

Components of the OCE

Western Votes

A student run program that seeks to advocate for student interests in politics. They register students to vote, educate students about elections, encourage students to vote, make voting easier, help students contact elected officials, and organize free trips to Olympia.

Kira Davis (she/her)

AS OCE Voter Engagement & Recruitment Coordinator

Office Hours: M,F 9:30am-12:30pm, R 11:30am-2:30pm

Vote in Student Elections at

Register to Vote in Washington WesternVotes

Register to Vote Outside of Washington VoteGov

Step By Step Video on Registering: ASWWU OCE


The AS and University appoint 200+ students a year to committees that make a variety of decisions across campus. Become a student committee member today! Email for more information! 

Sign into WIN and then click on the forms tab, the first form is called 2022-2023 AS and University Committees Student Application" click on that and you should be able to apply from there.

Curious about committees?

Contact Civic Involvement Coordinator Aspen Cates-Doglio (He/Him)

Office Hours: M,W,F 9am-10am & 12pm-2:30pm

ASWWU Elections

Each Spring the Associated Students holds an election for the AS Board of Directors and each Fall for the Student Senate seeks student input through referenda, and student-led initiatives on the Western Involvement Network. Contact AS Communications if you would like to run for a PAID student government position and make a difference at WWU!

Contact Elections Coordinator Isaac Brandt (he/him)

Office hours: T,R 12pm-3:30pm, W,R,F 9am-10am

A referendum is a direct vote by all students at WWU who are invited to vote on a particular proposal

Past referendums:

2019 - Anti-Made for Waste Coffee Cup Initiative

2018 - Bringing Back the College of Ethnic Studies

2017 - Providing free Legal Services for students

2016 - General Education Reform Proposal

2015 - Student Bus Pass

2014 - Plastic Water Bottle Ban No Longer Sold on Campus

ASWWU Director of Legislative Affairs

A student employee that works to represent the student body to the State Legislature in Olympia. This position works with the Washington Student Association Washington Student Association to lobby legislators, testify to state committees, and then report back to students about higher education issues.

Chat with Stella Seth (she/they) Director for Legislative Affairs by email, or over X (formerly Twitter) @aswwulobbyi
Office Hours: T 9am-11:30am & 2:30pm-3:30pm, R 9am-11:30am, W,F 3pm-5pm

Western Lobby Day 2022 Agenda

AS Local Issues Coordinator

A student employee that works to represent the student body to city and county governments on issues that affect students locally. Every year student volunteers participate in Local Lobby Day to advocate for student issues like homelessness, rental rights, etc. to local government members.

Chat with Gabby Laipenieks (she/her) by email

Office Hours: M 3:30pm-4:30pm, T,R 9am-12pm, F 1pm-4pm


Mallory Schaefbauer
AS OCE Director
Mallory Schaefbauer
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AS OCE Director of Legislative Affairs
Stella Seth
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AS OCE Local Issues Coordinator
Gabby Laipenieks
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AS OCE Civic Involvement Coordinator
Aspen Cates-Doglio
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AS OCE Legislative Education Assistant
Neal Selu
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