AS Personnel Committee



AS Personnel Director (Chair)

AS Vice President for Business & Operations (Vice-Chair)

AS Vice President for Diversity

AS Business Director 

Management Council Representative

AS Student Senator (non-voting)

Secretary (non-voting)

Assistant Director of Student Activities (Advisor, non-voting)



The AS Personnel Committee acts as an advisory council providing input and consulting direction for the Personnel Office by: 

  • Advising the Personnel Director in decision-making related to personnel matters. 
  • Making recommendations to the AS Board of Directors concerning personnel issues, and processes (E.g. hiring, trainings) including but not limiting to the AS employment policy. 
  • Reviewing and updating AS Employee related policies and documents. 
  • Making decisions that are within the purview of the Committee in accordance with the AS Employment Policy. (e.g. Position Changes, Promotions, Ratifying new employees and performance issues.) 
  • Hearing and making funding decisions for requests in excess of $400 from the Student Development Fund (FXXSDV).