WOOT Registration

Registration for Fall 2024 WOOT will begin on May 1st 2024

Program Cost

Backpacking: $1,050

Sea Kayaking $1,100

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

We will be offering both full and partial fee waivers for the program through the Broad Reach Endowment Fund.

There are several scholarships available to cover a portion of the cost for Western Outdoor Orientation Trips. Applications for the scholarships are evaluated primarily on demonstrated financial need.

Students interested in being considered for a WOOT scholarship should send an application essay to the following email address: crandab2@wwu.edu

The application essay should be one page, and provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • WWU ID number (aka W number)
  • Narrative description of your interest in participating in WOOT.
  • How will WOOT support your transition to WWU?
  • How will it support your academic goals as a new WWU student?
  • Description of your financial need.
  • WOOT trip you are interested in participating in.

Scholarship applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis.