Outdoor Center Impacts Grant

Who is Served?

Equity begins with ensuring we can meet our student’s needs wherever they may be. For any student who may not have the necessary equipment or faces financial barriers, they will have the ability to access these funds through our "Impacts Grant" to help support their outdoor adventures.

Unfortunately, we know that many of our students experience barriers, as adventure can be costly. Between transportation, gear, and instruction we are always searching for more ways to engage the entire community as we believe everyone deserves access to the physical and social benefits that come from engaging in these positive life-long experiences.

The average cost to participate in our Excursions & WOOT programs ranges from $25-$600. We want to ensure that every student who wishes to get involved with our services has the opportunity to do so regardless of any financial barriers or lack of necessary equipment.

Your Impact

With your donation you would be providing the chance for students who may not have otherwise ever been afforded opportunity to engage in one of the most unique and impactful experiences at Western.

This will kick off our “Impacts Grant” planting the seed and helping more student’s access opportunities to engage in outdoor recreation developing interpersonal and technical skills that last well beyond their time as a student.

All donors will be recognized on our Donation Page and receive a copy of our annual “Impacts Newsletter" with highlights of trips, student testimonials, and data showing that what we do truly has positive impacts on the Western Community.

Outdoor Center Excursions Program

In 1969 the Associated Students Outdoor Excursions Program was started by a small group students who were passionate about outdoor recreation and believed that exploring the Pacific Northwest together increased the sense of community by helping others learn and develop technical skills while sharing wilderness experiences together. These students wanted to create a space for anyone to join: “let us make the group part of the community, and not just part of the campus.” Today we continue to live out this vision as we strive to make adventure possible for anyone and everyone who wishes to get outside.


In 2010 there was a new addition to the Outdoor Center family! Western Outdoor Orientation Trips, more commonly referred to as WOOT, is a unique program designed to “support, enhance, and ease the transition into Western for first-year students through outdoor adventure.” What we see is that students who are able to participate in this program are retained at a greater level, more engaged with the Western community, and perform better academically. Our goal is to make this trip possible for any student who wishes to join regardless of barriers that they may have as we know that it has a lasting impact on their Western Experience.

Donation Options: 

Mt. St. Helens

8,363’- Once at an elevation of 9,677’ Mt St. Helens experienced its first major eruption in 1980 reducing it to what we see today. As the shortest volcano in Washington, it remains as one of the most popular climbing destinations for both beginning and experienced climbers! 

  • $10 “provides afternoon excursion or a discount to a weekend trip"

Glacier Peak

10,541’- This volcano presents itself in a way that is worthy of having a designated Wilderness area named after it! Not being active in nearly 300 years, Glacier Peak offers incredible vantage of the North Cascades. With a long approach, Glacier is a great place for intermediate mountaineers to test their skills!

  • $25 “covers half-day trip with gear necessary to recreate”

Mt. Baker

10,781’- Staring at students daily, Mt Baker is often climbed by the Outdoor Center! Mt Baker is the second most thermally active volcano in the Cascades. Often observed from the watch tower in the Arb, you can see steam rising from the Sherman Crater. With several routes up, the glaciers on Baker offer a wide variety of challenge for all hikers or mountaineers alike.

  • $50 “full day experience or a discount for multi-day trip”

Mt. Adams

12,280’- While not active for over 1,000 years, Mt Adams still lives on as a volcano and is not yet considered extinct! The area surrounding Mt Adams offers many recreational opportunities from day hiking to horse riding. While not as glaciated as many of the other volcanoes, don’t be fooled. While there are easy-moderate routes up Adam’s, one of the primary concerns here is rock fall!

  • $100  “fully-funded weekend adventure”

Mt. Rainier

14,411’- Coming in as the highest peak in Washington State, Mt Rainier draws attention from people all around the world! It is also considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. With the potential for eruption and extensive glaciers, it would threaten much of the surrounding areas. Rainier is also the most technical volcano in the Cascades to climb! But not to worry, surrounding hikes offer amazing views that anyone can access.

  • $250 “covers 3 –day trip”


Shoot above the stars!

  • $500 "This provides a week long experience or the opportunity for several students to get out and explore for shorter day trips!"

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