Lobby Days

Western Lobby Day

Speak to legislators in Olympia about student issues and present the ASWWU Legislative Agenda, approved by the AS Executive Board.

All transportation, lodging and food will be paid for! That's right, it's FREE. Why would you not go?

No school will be missed for Western Lobby Day because it is held on the Sunday before and Monday of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday (January 15-16, 2023).

Western Intersectional Lobby Day

Western Intersectional Lobby Day (WILD) is hosted by the Ethnic Student Center, Access, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Sustainability Engagement Institute where students travel to Olympia to meet with state legislators to discuss issues related to intersectional diversity, student support, and other important topics. This agenda is passed annually by the AS Executive Board.

WILD is held on the Sunday before and Monday of the President's Day holiday, so you will not miss school and is also FREE (February 19-20, 2023).

Local Lobby Day

Speak to local officials in Bellingham about student issues. Dates TBA.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Check out the Office of Civic Engagement or email the ASVP for Governmental Affairs (asvp.gov@wwu.edu) or the AS Director of Legislative Affairs (as.oce.director.legislativeaffairs@wwu.edu) for more ways to get civically involved.


AS VP for Governmental Affairs
Erin Godwin
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AS OCE Director of Legislative Affairs
Stella Seth
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