AS Ethics Board

The New
Ethics Board

What is it?

This team works to ensure elections follow the AS Election Code by hearing any filed grievances. 12 students, a student coordinator, and four resident hall staff will form a hearing panel.



  • 2-4 Residence Hall staff (RD's, AD's) will serve on 2-4 separate panels
  • They do not vote and are not involved in decision making
  • Act as advisors

AS Ethics Board Student Coordinator

  • Hired position
  • Takes notes during all meetings
  • Schedules hearings and arranges schedules
  • Acts as a facilitator

Students At-Large

  • Paid $150 for approximately 15 hours of work
  • Voting members of the panel
  • 6 students randomly selected out of the entire AS
  • 6 students selected through a lottery system
  • Apply here!

Phase 1

Once a grievance is filed, the student coordinator and chair will convene to determine if the grievance is legitimate. If it is, the grievance will move to a panel hearing. If not, all parties will be notified that the grievance will not be heard. This may be appealed. If it is appealed, it will go to a panel, who will first determine if the complaint is legitimate then proceed.

Phase 2

Once a grievance is moved onto a panel, 3 students from the 12 student pool, the Ethics Board Student Coordinator, and a Chair will be called to hear each party explain their case and determine a just outcome. Panels will only convene if a grievance is filed and deemed legitimate.

Pool of 12 randomly selected students
Arrow pointing right
Ethics Panel
Student Coordinator
Student At-Large 1
Student At-Large 2
Student At-Large 3
This means that more than one Ethics Panel can convene at the same time for efficiency.

Phase 3

The decision of an AS Ethics Panel is final except if the outcome results in removal of the candidate. If someone is removed, they may appeal that decision to the Appeals Panel. No one from the original Ethics Panel hearing, except the Student Coordinator, will be a part of the Appeals Panel.

Pool of 9 students who were not in the original hearing
Arrow pointing right
Appeals Panel
New Chair
Student Coordinator
Student At-Large 1
Student At-Large 2
Student At-Large 3
Student At-Large 4
Student At-Large 5