Outdoor Wellness

Photo says "outdoor Wellness Extravaganza" in green and light green colors. To the left of that are three hexagons depicting a boot hiking on a road, an orange kayak on the water and a forested view with a lake.

Join us as staff from Counseling & Wellness and Trip Leaders team up to give you a Sunday designed to help you feel good and explore nature! We will be playing games, kayaking, talking, eating and generally enjoying the day. Each group will be in its own bubble and go through multiple activities with staff members from Counseling & Wellness along with Trip Leaders to learn about your brain, how best to take care of it and the importance of having fun in nature. The event will take place at the Lakewood Boating Center on Lake Whatcom!


Food From BRANDYWINE KITCHEN Included! Bring your friends and Covid bubble :)

If you require Adapted Equipment or think you might want assistance please contact as.oc.excursions.coord@wwu.edu at least one week before the trip. We aim to make this experience as inclusive as possible and for further information please see this link.

**Example schedule!** please note that each slot lasts about 4.5 hours and has been staggered throughout the day! 

10:00 am Arrive & Intro

10:10 Challenge/Field Games!

11:30 Walk and talk with counselors

12:30 Kayak!

1:30 Eat Yummy Food

2:30 End!

Want more details? Here they are! Folks can sign up for any of the time slots and the experience/activities will all be the same! Maybe you want to sleep in, or maybe you are an early riser! Either way one of the times will work for you! We are working with Brandywine Kitchen to cater lunch and tasty items for everyone! A wide variety of dietary need will be accommodated for (vegan, gf, vegetarian, etc.) and if you have more specific needs there will be a section to address that when you sign up!