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The AS Publicity Center (PC) is a full-service advertising facility. We provide graphic design, digital signage, large-format printing, poster and banner distribution. This includes coordination with on and off campus outlets for promoting your office, club, or department.

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PC Request Timeline

The timeline of your project is dependent on the services you request.

  • Anything the PC designs will require at least four weeks.
  • If you already have your design, posters/banners/handbills/kiosks/square stickers/brochures will take about a week to produce.
    • Merchandise (shirts, hoodies, bandanas, sweats, circle stickers, etc.) will take an additional 2 weeks to produce

Note: The earlier you can submit Publicity Center requests, the better. Merchandise, and larger campaigns with multiple rounds of edits require more time.

An example timeline for a poster:

Week 1: Meeting with assigned designer and initial sketch

Week 2: 1st draft and client feedback (subsequent meetings may be scheduled)

Week 3: 2nd and final drafts

Week 4: Final edits, final proof, printing, and distribution

Note: Printing and distribution are not instant. Be sure to set your final deadline two weeks before an event for adequate exposure. Additional edits in weeks three and four will limit the amount of marketing exposure.

Creating your own design?

Make sure to follow the AS WWU Branding Guide to ensure your print and digital designs meet our accessibility and branding requirements. For digital media, please view our digital media guidelines. Please see the official AS WWU Logos below. When uploading files on the WIN request form, only upload pdfs. Pngs and jpegs are not high enough quality for printing. Requests will be denied if the file is not a pdf.


Prices for AS offices and clubs (costs from Copy Services are approximate)

Design Packages

The packages below reflect the amount of time needed to prepare designs for production.

Please note – the time listed below is for design only. Printing and distribution require additional time. Design Packages are determined by the project managers based on the time/work that goes into a project.

Design Package Level 1 - $15 (approx. one to two weeks)

Design Package Level 2 - $35 (approx. two to three weeks)

Design Package Level 3 - $45 (approx. three weeks)

Design Package Level 4 - $60 (approx.. three to four weeks)

Printing Prices (costs from Copy Services are approximate)

30x Posters – $16.00 approximately

400x Handbills – $45.00 approximately

300x Brochure - $170.00 approximately

300x color table tents* – $90.00 approximately

Standard Banner* – $48

Specialty Banner* - $6/foot

Kiosk* - $22

Square Stickers - $16/foot (approx. 52 2x2 stickers)

Circle Stickers - variable depending on vendor/color/design/etc.

Print and Stick for Wall - $16/foot

Sandwich Boards - approximately $13 (if using paper, $16 if using vinyl)

VIP/Press passes (laminated with lanyard punch)  $2.20 each

Buttons - approximately $30 for 100 1x1 buttons

For a full list of large format media pricing see here.

Table tents and banners require reservations. For table tents, visit University Residences, in person, in EH109. For banners and kiosks, visit VU Reservations in VU536, or request a reservation online.

Banner information

Both interior and exterior banners require advance reservations! See link above for VU Reservations.

Map of Banner Locations

Exterior banners measure 8'x3' and are hung in specific locations on building walls around campus. All locations are landscape oriented with the exception of "Bond Hall vertical" which is portrait oriented (3' x 8'). Exterior banners must be event related and are allowed to stay up for no more than two weeks. Multiple banners for a single event are generally not allowed due to space constraints. Exterior banners are hung by Publicity Center staff on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Viking Union mezzanine banners are portrait oriented banners hung from the 7th floor mezzanine railing. These are for general AS office promotion only and may not be used for event advertising. They are hung by Publicity Center staff, and may stay up for no more than one academic quarter. 

For exceptions to these rules, contact the VU Reservationist and/or the Publicity Center Manager.

Poster Distribution

The AS Publicity Center reviews and approves all posters for compliance with the Standards and Policy, and distributes postings across campus for University groups, departments, and nonprofit organizations.

We typically take 40 posters. 19 are put up in glass cases around campus. The other 21 are given to Residential Halls to put up in university housing. We are also able to distribute 10 posters downtown if desired. If you would like extra posters for personal use, you must include the amount in your request. If given more than 52 posters, we will recycle extras if there is no request for personal use.

Find a complete list of posting type, locations, and standards here.

The PC values sustainability in our purchasing decisions, office practices, and advice. We use an e-trike for a lot of our deliveries, and encourage you to get to campus sustainably. Ride a bike, walk, or take the bus! You can find the WTA bus schedule here.


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