Challenge Program


The Challenge Program is currently closed for programming.


The WWU Associated Student’s Outdoor Center Challenge Program is accessible to WWU students, alumni and staff, as well as community groups.

Our mission is to offer a series of fun experiential activities aimed at providing groups with the opportunity to develop communication, leadership skills, trust, and cooperation. Emphasis is placed on providing a safe environment to explore issues of interactive group problem solving as well as personal growth through collaboration and individual challenges while being immersed in a unique outdoor setting.

The Outdoor Center's Challenge Program is a fun and energetic way to connect as a group, learn communication and teamwork skills, and get out of your comfort zone!


Our philosophy on the course is Challenge by Choice, which takes into account everyone's unique experiences and allows individuals to push themselves, but only to the extent they feel comfortable. 


The Challenge Program’s high and low courses are located at the Lakewood Watersports Facility on Lake Whatcom. The Lakewood Challenge Program offers a wide variety of options for meeting your group's unique goals through the use of different elements on our course. Approximately seven miles from Western Washington University's main campus, the course is accessible via WTA buses and has ample parking for individual vehicles. Parking is fairly limited, so it is appreciated if groups can van or car pool. Western Students can also enjoy the use of the Lakewood Lounge for free during the day of their challenge program. On-campus field-game focused programs may also be scheduled.