Student Senate

The Student Senate serves as one of the legislative bodies of the Associated Students of Western Washington University. The Senate focuses on student representation at the College-level and in Academic Affairs. The Senate is not limited in the scope of issues it covers, and these issues can originate from the Executive Board, other AS offices, University committees, the Faculty Senate, within the Senate itself, or directly from students.

The body has the ability to draft, approve, and release resolutions on any issues brought before it.

The Student Senate is part of a bicameral system in the AS, acting as a separate body from the AS Executive Board. For a visual explanation watch this video.

Please feel free to reach out to your Student Senators or the Student Senate President with any questions, concerns, or ideas!

When and where does the Student Senate meet?

The Student Senate has no more meetings Fall Quarter. Winter meeting times are being determined and will be posted on this website and on the Washington State Register as soon as practicable.

During the academic year, the Student Senate has bi-weekly meetings. Meeting materials for AS Student Senate meetings can be found here.

For accessibility accommodations reach out to Gabe Wong:

Who are my Senators?

Each College on Western’s campus has two Student Senators who represent the interests of the students within their College. If you are an undeclared major, there are four At-Large Senators who represent the interests of all students on campus, primarily those who are undeclared or pursuing a course of study outside of the eight Colleges.

What are my Senators responsible for?

ASWWU Student Senator Job Description

ASWWU Fairhaven Student Senator Job Description

What are my Senators office hours?

ASWWU Student Senate Office Hours List

How is the Senate run?

ASWWU Student Senate Bylaws

ASWWU Student Senate Charge & Charter

All of the AS and VU Policies can be viewed here

2023-2024 Student Senate

Senate Leadership

Chair (email): Gabe Wong (she/they)

Vice-Chair (email): Dacey Durbin (she/her)

Secretary(email): Nely Vasquez-Vasquez (she/her/hers)

Senate Membership

At-Large (email)
Mariana Flores (she/her/hers)
Autumn Kay-Chapman (she/they)
James Dinh (he/him/his)
Lauren Johnson (she/her)

College of Business and Economics (email)
Dacey Durbin (she/her)
Devin Moreno (he/him)

College of Fine and Performing Arts (email)
Ella Byerly (she/her)
MJ Dizon (he/him, she/her)

College of Humanities and Social Sciences (email)
Yasmin Lamas Flores (she/her)
Miguel Angel Acuña-Martinez (he/him/his)

College of Science and Engineering (email)
John Hardgrove (he/him)
Vacant (apply before Jan. 8)

College of the Environment (email)
Meli Bernal (she/her)
Lola Thompson (hers)

Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies (email)
Quincy Ingalls (he/him)
Miguel Estevez (he/him)

Graduate School (email)
Ellen Esteves (she/her/hers)
Vacant (apply before Jan. 8)

Woodring College of Education (email)
Lily Duong (she/her)
Matt Condon (he/him/his)