Portable Activities

These activities present clearly defined physical and mental objectives. Groups have the opportunity to organize themselves, generate strategies, test and refine solutions, and reflect upon the processes they employed in striving to meet the objective. These activities are designed to foster cooperative problem solving and understanding. These portable activities are designed to engage groups of 10-15 people in solving mental and/or physical challenges, these elements are located at Lakewood or on campus.


Objects are scattered in an indoor or outdoor place. In pairs, one person verbally guides his/her blindfolded partner through the obstacle field. This activity works on group communication and trust.

Helium Stick

Deceptively simple but powerful exercise for learning how to work together and communicate in small to medium sized groups.


The group determines the best strategy for transporting multiple balls, one at a time, through a series of half-pipes and into a bucket.

Low Activities

The low elements take place anywhere from ground-level to 13 feet above-ground and are designed to challenge your physical agility, group cooperation, and problem solving skills both individually and as group. All levels of physical fitness and ability can participate. Portable initiatives are offered at various locations, both on campus and off. Note that are many other teambuilding games, elements, and activities that can be chosen for your group.

Challenge Program Spider Web Activity

These built-in elements are located only at Lakewood.

Team Wall

The object is to physically and safely move a group over a 13' wall, one participant at a time, with support and encouragement from group members.

Cable Walk

This is an exciting element that encourages participants to work together. The object is to move a group from start to finish on top of and along a series of tightly strung cables between support poles, inches from the ground.

Nitro Crossing

The object is to help your entire group swing across a dangerous pool of lava onto a safe platform.  Be careful, once on the platform you're not totally safe!

High Activities

The high elements are constructed in the trees approximately 30 feet above-ground and include ropes and steel cables that connect to several trees. While these elements are just as safe as the low elements the perceived risk is higher, making it essential that the individuals being challenged are supported and encouraged by their fellow group members. Designed for more physically capable individuals and typically engages pairs. The group acts as a support system, but pairs work to achieve goals.

Challenge Program Vertical Playground

Located only at Lakewood.

Vertical Playpen

This can be used by three people at a time. This element utilizes stationary boards, swinging ladders, hanging tires and ropes. The participants are required to work together to reach the top.

Trapeze Jump

With the support of a belay team, the participants ascends to a platform and jumps for a bar that can be moved to whatever distance the participant chooses.

Giant's Swing

The participant is suspended by a cable that is pulled up by their team to a height of their choice. When ready, the participant releases a rope and swings over Lake Whatcom. This element is a lot of fun and involves a everyone in a large group.