We are excited to announce that the Viking Union is open Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm.
While no services are available, the Multi-Purpose Room is home to a Student Study Space, students can connect to campus WiFi for streaming classes and ATUS printers are available in the Study Space. There is also comfortable seating throughout the 6th floor. At this time, the building is only open to Students, Staff, and Faculty. Face Coverings and Symptom Attestations are required, and Physical Distancing will be monitored. There is no eating allowed in the building. Greeters will welcome you at the Garden St and High St main entrances. We look forward to seeing you!

The Bookstore offers pickup with prearranged appointments Mon-Fri 9am-1pm. Set up a bookstore appointment

Outdoor Center

Welcome to the Outdoor Center!

Contactless Bike and Ski Service Shop

OC Contactless Service Shop

The Outdoor Center is Now Offering a Contactless Bike and Ski Service Shop!

Available by appointment only.

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Services Offered

Basic Bike Service* - Free

Ski/ Snowboard Waxing – Free

Rentals Are Now Available!


The Outdoor Center is NOW Opening up the rental shop! Must Schedule an appointment to pick up rental equipment.

Hours: Monday, Friday, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Rentals Offered

Camping Gear

Climbing Gear

Snow Sports Gear

Water Sports Gear

Available by appointment only. Sign up today!

Goose Chase (Western Wellness)

Western Wellness

Welcome to the Goose Chase Scavenger Hunt!

Goose Chase is an interactive scavenger hunt run through the Goose Chase App ! With real-time activity feeds and rankings, you're able to see everything as it happens. The Outdoor Center has partnered with a variety of organizations and clubs to provide students an opportunity to create a community, get outside and explore their environment, as well as missions to help improve mental health and wellness. Each game is align with new theme, which means there's always something new! To start Spring Quarter off we will be launching our "Western Wellness" game!

Spring has sprung and that means it's time to get outside! This game we incorporated a variety of missions to get you outside and take in the Spring air! Not a fan of going outside? Not to worry, we have plenty of missions that can be done from the comfort of your home.

Why Participate?

The Outdoor Center has worked hard to create a game that everyone can participate in. We understand with Covid-19 there's not a lot of fun organized activities out there for you to partake in. With Goose Chase we aim to provide an interactive game in where you can meet new individuals/teams through the real-time activity feeds. We also provide missions to connect you to resources provided by clubs, departments, and the community within Western Washington University. Have an idea for a mission or prize? Feel free to contact us with any ideas you have! The Outdoor Center would love to co-create any ideas that students might have!

Game Information (Western Wellness)

Submissions will be through the Goose Chase App

Game Name: "Western Wellness"

Game Code: R743JL

Download the App to Join the Chase!

There is a wide variety of missions that everyone can partake in! Whether you are in Bellingham or not, there is a mission for you. The goal is to provide a fun way and safe way to interact with others. We understand the importance of keeping everyone safe during COVID-19 and have taken the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment. Come and join the hunt and complete missions to earn your points!

What Do Participants Say About the Game?

Kira Walters

Kira Walter a team member of Funguyfungi, joined Goose Chase because "it sounded like a fun thing to do." Due to the current pandemic there is not a lot of organized events, Goose Chase is an event created by the Outdoor Center and their partners to promote community building, mental health and wellness, as well as a chance for individuals or teams to get outside and explore their environment! Kira's favorite missions where those that had to be performed outside such as finding a yellow leaf or taking pictures with sculptures on WWU's Campus. Kira mentions that she enjoyed the game and had lots of fun.

Here Is A Glimpse Of Last Games Submissions

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

Do you wanna build snow man

Brick Art

Brick Art

Give a Gift

Give a gift

Selfies In Sculpture Park

Selfies in sculpture park

Why You Should Participate

The Outdoor Center Team worked hard to include a wide variety of missions that can be completed by anyone! Whether you want to leave the comfort of your home or not, there's a mission available for you! Earn as many points possible to Win a Prize! There will be prizes awarded to the top three teams. Join the Goose Chase Community and lets have some FUN!!

Prizes include:

  • ProLite Sleeping Pad & Outdoor Center HydroFlask
  • Ski Helmet from Backcountry Essentials in Bellingham
  • A $50 gift card to Bellingham's own Guud Bowls
  • Jet Boil Zip Stove
  • Mt. Baker All-Day Lift Ticket
  • AND MORE !!!

Download the App Now!

Inspiring Discovery & Community at WWU

The Associated Students' Outdoor Center provides a variety of outdoor-related opportunities and activities for all students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Emphasis is placed on developing and refining skills, responsible environmental practices, fostering diversity, enriching the academic experience, and promoting life-long learning.

Resources include:

What Do We Have To Offer?

Bike Shop & Rentals

Have question regarding the Bike Shop or any Rentals? Reach out to Kailey Hickey! Kailey is the Outdoor Center's Equipment & Bike Shop Coordinator. She loves to stay active and has a passion for hiking and skiing. To reach out to Kailey send an email or phone call! Email: | Phone: (360) 650-3112

Kailey Outdoor Center Staff

Office Hours

  • Monday 1-4 pm
  • Tuesday 12-4 pm (Virtual meeting via WIN)
  • Wed 1-4 pm
  • Thursday 12-4 pm
  • Friday 1-4 pm

Excursions Programing

Feel like going on an adventure? Check out our Excursions Program! Excursions provides an opportunity to get outside and connect with the outdoors, while learning valuable leadership and technical skills. The program is currently being run by Ben Crandall and Tanner Randall-Gosselin! Feel free to reach out both to Ben and Tanner with any questions you might have regarding Excursion activities.

Ben's Email: | Ben's Phone: 360-650-7677.

Tanner's Email: | Tanner's Phone: 360-650-7677

Ben Staff Member

Tanner Staff Member

Challenge Programing

Are you part a group and need a fun and energetic way to connect? Check out the Outdoor Center's Challenge Program! The program is currently being run by Grey Lee! The Outdoor Center's Challenge Program provides an opportunities for groups to learn communication and teamwork skills! While we can't meet in-person right now for our games and high ropes course, the Challenge Program is offering virtual team-building sessions for groups of four or more. Feel free to reach out to Grey with any questions you might have regarding the Outdoor Center's Challenge Program. Email:

Grey Staff Member

Office Hours

  • Monday 2 PM - 5 PM
  • Wednesday 4 PM - 5 PM
  • Friday Open Availability
  • Weekends 10 AM - 5 PM

Wait There's More!

  • For under $10 rent boats at Lakewood
  • On campus, rent packs, bikes, or mountaineering boots
  • Incoming students go for a week-long adventure by signing up for WOOT
  • Find us on the first floor of the Viking Union!

Have Marketing Ideas?

Reach out the Eric Cuamacateco the Marketing Coordinator, if you have any suggestions on the type of content that you want to view. Eric is always willing to chat, whether it be marketing related or not. You can reach him by email at

Office Hours

  • Monday 2 PM - 5 PM
  • Wednesday 4 PM - 5 PM
  • Friday Open Availability

Stay In Touch


Facebook: WWU A.S. Outdoor Center

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