Outdoor Center


Inspiring Discovery & Community at WWU

The Outdoor Center enhances opportunities for students and other members of the WWU community to involve themselves in outdoor recreation activities. The Outdoor Center provides a spectrum of programs, resources and services to enable the students, faculty, staff and Alumni Association members to safely participate in a variety of activities, develop and refine skills, practice environmental responsibility, and interact with each other and members of the local community.

What Do We Have To Offer?


Bike Shop & Equipment Rentals

Have question regarding the Bike Shop or any Rentals? Reach out to Bella Bedard!

Equipment & Bike Shop Coordinator | Bella Bedard (she/her)

Email: asocesc@wwu.edu

Phone: (360) 650-3112

Excursions Program

Feel like going on an adventure? Check out our Excursions Program! Excursions provides an opportunity to get outside and connect with the outdoors, while learning valuable leadership and technical skills. The program is run by Kateri Rinallo and Britta Sloan! Feel free to reach out to both Kateri and Britta with any questions you might have regarding Excursion activities.

Excursions Co-Coordinator | Kateri Rinallo (she/her)

Email: as.oc.excursions.coord@wwu.edu

Phone: (360) 650-7677

Excursions Co-Coordinator | Britta Sloan (she/her)

Email: as.oc.ex.asst.coord@wwu.edu

Phone: (360) 650-7677

Engagement and Outreach

Have a general question about getting involved? Or have ideas of what you'd like to see more of in the OC? Reach out to Parker Eckardt!

Marketing and Resource Coordinator | Parker Eckardt (she/her)

Email: as.oc.marketing@wwu.edu

Phone: (360) 650-7676

Lakewood Program

Are you interested in hosting an event at Lakewood? Do you have a question about how the program works? Reach out to Mackenzie Kilroy!

Lakewood Program Coordinator | Mackenzie Kilroy

Email: lakewood.coord@wwu.edu

Phone: (360) 650-3112

Stay In Touch


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