The Governor has declared that public spaces be effectively closed until May 4th, with a statewide Stay At Home proclamation.
The Viking Union facility falls under the guidelines of a public space and falls under this policy.
For more details on this temporary closure of the Viking Union, and any other coronavirus related information, please visit WWU’s coronavirus resource site

The Outdoor Center Bike Shop is open Monday through Friday 10:00am-4:30pm!


The Outdoor Center Bike Shop has a plethora of different resources available. Primarily, it serves as an outlet to learn how to fix your bicycle. For $2.00 you gain access to all of our tools, and one of our Bicycle Technicians who will teach you anything you need to know. On top of that we offer a ski bench and all the materials required to wax and tune your skis or snowboard.

Bike Shop


What can the OC Bike Shop do for you?


Retail Parts

We stock lights, fenders, locks, tires, tubes, brake pads, cables, cassettes and more, what we don't stock we can always special-order!


Bike Repair

Four Work Stations, two truing stands, and assistance from our knowledgeable bike techs!


Bike Tools

For only $2.00, a variety of tools are available for your use. The tool cabinets are full of everything you need for specialized repair from fork rebuilds to . We also have specialized tools available for those hard-to-fix items.

How do I find it?

We are located on the bottom floor of the Viking Union, Viking Union 150 (on North Garden Street).


Register your bicycle serial number

The University Police Department offers online bicycle registration for your convenience, and strongly encourages you to use it to record information about your bike that will benefit police in the event your bike gets stolen.