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Lakewood Location

Viqueen Lodge Excursion
Viqueen Lodge Excursion
Viqueen Lodge Excursion
Snowshoe Excursion
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Lakewood Challenge Programs

Challenge Lakewood Dog at Beach

WWU Ropes Course

Low Elements

The low elements are great for all teams, especially those looking to improve communication and bonding, building trust within the group along the way. These elements are smaller activities that do not require equipment like helmets or harnesses. Participants use skills such as balance and problem solving to move through elements only a few feet above the ground while relying on teammates for support. Do not be deceived; even though the low elements may seem basic, leadership and teamwork skills are necessary to conquer these activities.

Challenge Lakewood Ropes

High Elements

After the low elements, teams who want to take it to the next level can move up to the high course, which offers three challenging but rewarding elements 30-40 feet off the ground. These elements are larger, require protective equipment like harnesses and helmets, and allow participants to engage in physical activity such as jumping, climbing, and swinging. Groups will build off the knowledge, skills, and trust they gained on the low course as they take to the sky.

Challenge Lakewood Giant's Swing


Pacific Madrone

3 Hour Program (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm)

this program generally begins with icebreakers and progresses to group initiative activities in our game field. The program then moves to the low course elements as they continue to develop communication and teamwork, creating a trusting and supportive environment. This sequencing is good for groups wanting a fast-paced course that can target specific outcomes in the session. this program does not include high elements and focuses mainly on group development.

Douglas Fir

3 Hour Program (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) 

The Douglas Fir option is good for groups who are already working well together and are looking for more bonding, adventure, and continued group development. Sequencing begins on our low course elements to ensure that the group can quickly progress to our high elements. Generally, groups choosing this option will participate in one high element.

Western Red Cedar Program

7 Hour Program (9am-4pm)

Recommended for groups looking for a fully immersive experience, whether this is their first time together or a team/group trying to connect on a deeper level. They will begin in the morning at the game field working through a series of icebreakers and group initiatives and progress based on individual and group development. As they continue to advance, the group will transition to the low course elements where they will develop the trust necessary to move onto our high course in the afternoon. This program will culminate in participating in one or more of our high elements during the afternoon session. 


VOR Canoe Leadership Program

Viking Outdoor Recreation - Lakewood Facility

  • Provide instructor training to campus groups for independence and cost reduction on use
  • Align Leadership Development with activity programming
  • Create co-curricular opportunities for students and community members
  • Scholarships available
  • Participate in timed events


  • Team bonding and synergy
  • Communication development tool
  • Physical fitness vehicle
  • Add to your Challenge Experience
Challenge Lakewood VOR Canoe

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