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AS Productions (ASP)

AS Productions

AS Productions provides entertainment through exciting national and local musical acts, art exhibits, speakers, films, specialty events and much more.
AS Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

The ESP houses the combined power of the following offices: Sustainable Action Fund, Western Student Transportation, the Outback Farm and the Environmental Center.
AS Student Advocacy and Identity Resources

Student Advocacy + Identity Resources

The purpose of the six centers of the Resource and Outreach Programs (ROP) is to provide information, advocacy, activities, and peer education to Western students.
AS Student Government

Student Government

The AS Board of Directors is made of up 7 annually elected students working to ensure representation, leadership development, and provide resources, activities and information for students.
AS Ethnic Student Center

Ethnic Student Center

The ESC's goal is to help students Affirm their identity, Build a sense of community, and Cultivate leadership (Our "ABCs"). The ESC is also home to several diverse clubs open to students of all backgrounds.
AS Outdoor Center

Outdoor Center

The OC is focused on developing and refining skills, responsible environmental practices, fostering diversity, enriching the academic experience and promoting life-long learning.
KUGS Radio 89.3 FM

KUGS 89.3 FM

The mission of KUGS-FM is to serve the students of WWU by providing a diverse program of music and information consistent with student interests.
Office of Civic Engagement

Office of Civic Engagement

OCE exists to provide the resources, services and support necessary to ensure student representation in decisions that impact students at the university, local, state, and federal levels.
AS Infofair

Info Fair

The Fall Info Fair is a part of the Western Welcome Week program, introducing new students to student activities and services on-campus.